April 10, 2019 - Mississippi Delta

Day 3.

We went directly to Clarksdale after waking up; we were meeting a friend for lunch at the Ground Zero Blues Club. Clarksdale was sunny. Very sunny. Much of the brick and pavement is a light beige, making the city seem like a concrete desert. I’d like to see it in the rain. 

We spent about 2 hours walking around Clarksdale, visiting various shops and meeting interesting people. Before dinner, we drove out to Stovall farms and the site where Muddy Waters grew up. 

We slept at the Shack-Up Inn, under a tin roof. 

Deak Harp, in his shop (Deak’s Mississippi Saxophones & Blues Emporium) in downtown Clarksdale.

Bryan Weems, “The Woodcarver”; working on a portrait of Morgan Freeman.

Portrait in the alley way, by Chandler