Natchez, Mississippi.

The current state of my life, could be described as Dandelion fluff floating on the back of a wish.

Sometimes, drifting aimlessly through the wind is what's necessary.

In the near future, I'll settle myself and find a place to grow, but for now I tether myself to my journey.

N.A.C.H.S / 1

While I'm in Natchez, I'm going to be spending time at the Natchez Adams County Humane Society (NACHS), on a weekly basis.  I'll be taking portraits of some of the adoptable animals, and sharing them here.  For more information on available dogs and cats, visit the NACHS website:

Enjoy these adorable furry friends!

Mia and Meechy

Mia (calico), enjoys lurking, calculated snuggling, and startling Meechy. Meechy (orange), loves making friends and getting your attention.


Ever seen the movie Up?


Social butterfly, and great conversationalist.  Still learning to walk on a leash; looking for a tutor. 


Loves the smell of grass, and aspires to announce the arrival of guests at parties.


I highly recommend taking a vacation alone. My week in Mexico, was a dream come true.

Life can be shitty, I think we can all agree on that, but sometimes everything aligns perfectly and it’s beautiful. 

I met incredible people, ate delicious food, laid in the sun for hours on end, crushed Real Slim Shady at karaoke, watched a freaking Sea Turtle lay eggs under the stars, cracked a beer when the sun rose on my birthday, and did whatever the hell I wanted to.

As my friend Megan pointed out, my trip’s narrative reads like something straight out of an Anne Brashers novel.  Maybe I’ll write a YA book about it. 

As I left Cabo yesterday,  I was overcome with an exciting hunger.  This is still the beginning.  I have so many more adventures planned and hopefully a few that I haven’t. 

Currently, I’m in Portland; It’s raining, and the trees are turning magnificent shades of maroon, orange, and yellow.  Something tells me I’m going to like it here.

The Beginning

Yesterday, I embarked on a three-month journey.  As I write this, I’m in my hotel room at the Barcelo Gran Faro, in San Jose del Cabo.  I can smell the ocean from my room, and watch the palm trees dance in the breeze.  

I am alone, and I wanted it that way.

As some may know, I struggle with Depression/Anxiety and Narcolepsy (type 2).  I typically don’t express this publicly, because I loathe the type of attention it brings.  I’m an extremely private person and have an unfettered need to control the way people see me. So I decline invitations, tell everyone I’m fine, and lie with a smile on my face.  God forbid anyone know I’m human.

This year has been incredibly hard for me; to the point of almost breaking.  Yet, I doubt anyone really knew that.  Because, I’m afraid of people knowing who I really am. 

In the midst of my turmoil, I realized that I needed a break from it all.  I needed to get out of Alaska and breathe the clarity you can only find from physical change.

So here I am, in Mexico, by myself.

I watched the sunrise this morning, and for the first time in a very long while, I felt hopeful.  This hope inspired me to start breaking down my walls; even if the fear claws its way up my throat.

Next week, I go to Portland.  After that, Los Angeles, Natchez, Atlanta, and who knows where else.

Stay tuned, I might have more to say.

Alaskan Bachelorette

To celebrate Emmy's upcoming (at the time) nuptials, we took a ride across the bay and camped at the, Kayak Beach Yurt.

There was fire, beer, games, hiking, and some aggressive piñata action.

Not to mention, the bachelor party happened to be hunting near us, and needed our female power in order to fix their "Drye" boat situation.


Congratulations to, Emmy and Rob Olsen-Drye!

Alina + Kiel // Wedding

July 22, 2017

It was an absolutely gorgeous day...sun shining, clear blue skies. 

When I arrived, I was immediately taken with the view.  As you wind down the driveway, their property unfolds to a wide yard; overlooking a long valley, that works its way down to the water.

As the day rolled on, I felt honored to be included in such special moments.  Putting on the dress, the first look, the vows.... Being able to participate in, and document, these important slices of time, was simply beautiful.

I wish Alina and Kiel all the happiness in the world

Spit Life

Dock Crew

Even on my days off, I find myself on the spit. 

North Country Charters//Buttwhackers