N.A.C.H.S / 2

I'm behind on my animal shelter posts, due to being in Atlanta for a week...But now I'm back!  I stopped by the shelter on Saturday, and they are literally drowning in puppies.  So. Many. Puppies.  Which means each and every one of them is in need of a home.  I would adopt one myself, but I'm currently living with my parents and I think they might get mad at me.

In addition to puppies, they have a couple dogs that have been at the shelter for a while.  Specifically two lovely girls who have had trouble with adoption due to their reactive nature (they're dog-aggressive).  Dogs like these are just as sweet and wonderful as any other, but require more time and attention; as well as an owner with no other pets.  I have to say, one of my favorite dogs, Xanadu Marie Curie Brennan-Poole, is reactive and dog-aggressive, yet she's the most wonderful companion.  Her parents would back me up.

Enough babble, here's some cute animals:

Just a fraction of the puppy army residing at the, Humane Society.  They have every size, shape, color, type of puppy you could dream of.  Every time I thought I had seen all of the puppies, I would walk into another room and there were more.

Maybe you don't want a puppy, but a cat instead...so let me introduce you to, Ruby.  Ruby thinks she's too cool for school, but never says no to a scratch or two.  She might be a bit conceded, but hey who isn't?

Grace would like you to know that she may not like other dogs, but she really likes you.  Her favorite pick-up line is, "Are you made of Beef Jerky? Because you make my mouth water".

Jessica, has been adopted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.

I'm going to make a conscious effort to post about the shelter every, Monday. Wish me luck, and please stop by!

P.S.  Here's a picture of Xanadu for reference