I highly recommend taking a vacation alone. My week in Mexico, was a dream come true.

Life can be shitty, I think we can all agree on that, but sometimes everything aligns perfectly and it’s beautiful. 

I met incredible people, ate delicious food, laid in the sun for hours on end, crushed Real Slim Shady at karaoke, watched a freaking Sea Turtle lay eggs under the stars, cracked a beer when the sun rose on my birthday, and did whatever the hell I wanted to.

As my friend Megan pointed out, my trip’s narrative reads like something straight out of an Anne Brashers novel.  Maybe I’ll write a YA book about it. 

As I left Cabo yesterday,  I was overcome with an exciting hunger.  This is still the beginning.  I have so many more adventures planned and hopefully a few that I haven’t. 

Currently, I’m in Portland; It’s raining, and the trees are turning magnificent shades of maroon, orange, and yellow.  Something tells me I’m going to like it here.