Goodbye 2017 by Meaghan McCallum

Going through my photo library turned out to be harder than I originally thought.  For starters, I have approximately 18,000 photos and severely underestimated how long it would take to tackle that.  Did I also mention that I'm a procrastinator? Terrible motivational skills aside, I eventually got my shit together and narrowed 18,000 down to 28.  My hope, is that these photos open a small window to my world.  So enjoy! Or don't, I won't be offended.



N.A.C.H.S / 4 by Meaghan McCallum

Oops, today is Tuesday.  But yesterday was Christmas, so I think I get a pass.

I'm going to take a 2-3 week hiatus from the animal shelter, as I'm going up to Alaska for a visit.  Please enjoy these two puppers while I'm gone.  Also, adopt them, because they're fantastic.

This dog, is bound to be someones best friend.  He is strong, smart, playful, and cuddly.  I'm sure he'd be a fantastic family dog, but would need an assertive owner.  I tried to throw him a ball, but he was only interested in running circles around me.  Although, I was able to sneak in a few back scratches.  He also told me that he dreams of entering the 2020 dog olympics. 

Roadie, is a sniffer.  All he wanted, was a good sniff.  He's currently applying for a part-time job as a tracker.  Anyone interested?  If that doesn't pan out, he'd be okay with a position as a snuggle companion.  While shy and reserved, he's smart and sneaky.  Probably best to keep the dog treats up high.

N.A.C.H.S / 3 by Meaghan McCallum

When all the other dogs were barking, she was quiet.  As I approached her kennel, she wagged her tail and pressed her face against the gate.  I gave her scratches behind her left ear, and she thumped her right leg.  If someone else doesn't adopt this sweet dog...I might (sorry mom). 

Ruby, is still queen of the playroom, and just a tad bit bigger than last week.  If you want a cat that will be a literal sidekick, then she's your gal.

Dear Kathy, by Meaghan McCallum

Happy Birthday.

You've done a lot for me, so here's this haiku:

Katherine, is a cat.

How 'bout that? meow meow, scratch scratch.

Eats mice, for a snack.


Meaghan ButtFace 

P.S. Photos.  <3 

Lena, Tim, Sterling, Hunter by Meaghan McCallum

N.A.C.H.S / 2 by Meaghan McCallum

I'm behind on my animal shelter posts, due to being in Atlanta for a week...But now I'm back!  I stopped by the shelter on Saturday, and they are literally drowning in puppies.  So. Many. Puppies.  Which means each and every one of them is in need of a home.  I would adopt one myself, but I'm currently living with my parents and I think they might get mad at me.

In addition to puppies, they have a couple dogs that have been at the shelter for a while.  Specifically two lovely girls who have had trouble with adoption due to their reactive nature (they're dog-aggressive).  Dogs like these are just as sweet and wonderful as any other, but require more time and attention; as well as an owner with no other pets.  I have to say, one of my favorite dogs, Xanadu Marie Curie Brennan-Poole, is reactive and dog-aggressive, yet she's the most wonderful companion.  Her parents would back me up.

Enough babble, here's some cute animals:

Just a fraction of the puppy army residing at the, Humane Society.  They have every size, shape, color, type of puppy you could dream of.  Every time I thought I had seen all of the puppies, I would walk into another room and there were more.

Maybe you don't want a puppy, but a cat let me introduce you to, Ruby.  Ruby thinks she's too cool for school, but never says no to a scratch or two.  She might be a bit conceded, but hey who isn't?

Grace would like you to know that she may not like other dogs, but she really likes you.  Her favorite pick-up line is, "Are you made of Beef Jerky? Because you make my mouth water".

Jessica, has been adopted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.

I'm going to make a conscious effort to post about the shelter every, Monday. Wish me luck, and please stop by!

P.S.  Here's a picture of Xanadu for reference

Visual Diary / 1 by Meaghan McCallum

Natchez, Mississippi.

The current state of my life, could be described as Dandelion fluff floating on the back of a wish.

Sometimes, drifting aimlessly through the wind is what's necessary.

In the near future, I'll settle myself and find a place to grow, but for now I tether myself to my journey.

N.A.C.H.S / 1 by Meaghan McCallum

While I'm in Natchez, I'm going to be spending time at the Natchez Adams County Humane Society (NACHS), on a weekly basis.  I'll be taking portraits of some of the adoptable animals, and sharing them here.  For more information on available dogs and cats, visit the NACHS website:

Enjoy these adorable furry friends!

Mia and Meechy

Mia (calico), enjoys lurking, calculated snuggling, and startling Meechy. Meechy (orange), loves making friends and getting your attention.


Ever seen the movie Up?


Social butterfly, and great conversationalist.  Still learning to walk on a leash; looking for a tutor. 


Loves the smell of grass, and aspires to announce the arrival of guests at parties.